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Home Remedies for Fever – Is Fever Friend or Foe?

Fever is not a pleasant thing to endure, and it’s downright scary to watch in your children. We’ve gradually started to see it almost as an illness in its own right. And there are situations where we really have to get it under control when it spirals. But there’s one very important thing we need to remind ourselves of: Fever is a sign of the body protecting itself. It is both a symptom – and a tool. It is not the sickness itself.


Ways and Tips to Save Money

Saving money, whatever is your motivation, essentially means having your life more under control. Whether you’re reaching a dream or planning to buy something necessary, trying to stay within your means or pulling yourself out of debt, or whether you’re simply tired of wasting money and believe you can make up far better uses for it, check out our general recommendations as well as category-specific tips on how to get your money under control and doing your bidding, rather than wondering a week before pay day what on Earth happenned.


How to Get Rid of Negativity in Your Life

A lot of people live in a world full of negativity – and they seem right at home, they even actively seek it out and spread it any chance they get. Clearly, you’re not really loving it, seeing as you’re reading this article, and that’s awesome. The world definitely could be a nicer place and…


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