Improve your English

How to Improve Your English

You can already speak some English. But you would like to get better. Great news is, we know a few very good tricks to improve your English very easily. Here they are:

  1. Watch English Movies or TV Series.

First, take your favorite film, a film you love and know very well. And then watch it in English, with English subtitles, again and again, until all makes sense. If you catch a phrase or word you don’t know, look it up in a dictionary. But also try to understand from context.

You can also watch lots of other new films in English with subtitles in your language.

  1. Talk to Yourself!

This may sound strange, but it’s good practice! When you are doing simple things, like walking somewhere, cooking, cleaning, talk to yourself about anything – in English. Comment on things around you. Say what you do. Don’t be ashamed, use all you have!

  1. Put a Dictionary in Your Bathroom.

It sounds strange, but it works. Things we do in the bathroom often take time. Use that time to learn a new word or two. And always use it in many sentences that you invent. It is fun, and you will build your vocabulary. I like Longman the most – it is simple but precise. You can use the simplest Wordwise Dictionary, more advanced Active Study Dictionary, or even the full Dictionary of Contemporary English.

  1. Get Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use app.

This is a book (and now an app!) I recommend to all my students. I tested some others but this is a big winner. It is simple but very powerful and you don’t need a teacher to learn. You can find it in Google Play or Apple’s App Store, it will really help you.

  1. Get a Kindle.

You are reading this, so you can do this, easily. Get a good book that you like on Kindle, in English, and every time you see a word you don’t know, click on it and read what it means in the pop-up dictionary.

  1. Talk to People 🙂

Get into situations where you will have to use English. Go for a trip, start talking to an Englishman you meet at the shop. Become an au-pair if you are still a student. Use English in real life!

  1. Most Importantly – Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes!

Sometimes, trying to speak a new language can feel like pushing out a huge poop when you just want to say something. But make yourself speak and don’t worry. People are very happy that you are learning and doing your best to speak their language. Make all the mistakes you want, but don’t stop learning. English is fun, let’s not spoil it by being too serious!


Learning any new language opens up a door to a new world. We wish you all the very best and many wonderful English adventures!


Featured image:, Rabia Elif Aksoy

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