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How To Get Over Someone

Losing a relationship shakes a great part of our universe. It hurts, and it will take its time. Just like we wouldn’t expect a deep cut in the flesh to heal overnight, so we will most probably battle for a while with the this emotional one. Sometimes we’ll bump the slowly healing wound on various reminders that will set off the pain again. But a little less each time. And there are things to help you through, and there’s even a possible silver lining

impressing a girl

How to Impress a Girl

Because finding a partner is such an extremely important part of most of our lives, and because it is sometimes surprisingly hard to do so, this subject has become incredibly hyper, obsessed about, discussed almost to the point of mysticism. If you’ve been playing the field single for a while – against your own inclination – you may start to think that you need some special mojo or tricks or whatever, to land a suitable partner. That’s a trap.


29 Awesome Fun Date Ideas

Dating is a dreaded activity by many, but what a date really is, is a nice way for both parties to get to know each other. To see if you like spending time together. To see if there is a possibility that you are compatible. You could say it is a job interview of sorts, though hopefully much more pleasant. And, with our suggestions, also considerably more fun!


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