Home Remedies for Headache

Best is to address a headache quickly, and we prepared a few of the most common causes and remedies for you to asses and try out. Some are a doddle to handle and you’ll feel better quite fast, some are a bit trickier and home remedies can only bring a partial relief at first, but hopefully they can put you on a good path.

Throat pain

Home Remedies for Throat Pain

Sore throat or throat pain, from whatever source, is something we’ve all encountered in the course of our lives, multiple times. It’s not a pleasant thing, but if you treat it on time, it can often, if not always, stay a minor nuisance, soon to be forgotten.

Healthy hair

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

As with most issues we may have with the way we look, the most effective approach is to look at not only what to use externally, but also at what we eat or should be eating. The saying “Beauty comes from within” has a reason! If you’re struggling with hair loss, we are happy to suggest ideas on what to eat and what to put on your scalp to improve hair health and slow down, halt, or even reverse the process of hair falling out.


How to Cook Eggplant

There are many delicious complex recipes that have eggplant (or aubergine) as their ingredient. But here we will share with you a single, amazingly yummy and super simple recipe which basically makes use of eggplant only and which is a very good answer when it’s just you, a couple of minutes, an empty stomach and an eggplant hankering.
And might we just add – an excellent choice of hankering?

high fever

Home Remedies for Fever – Is Fever Friend or Foe?

Fever is not a pleasant thing to endure, and it’s downright scary to watch in your children. We’ve gradually started to see it almost as an illness in its own right. And there are situations where we really have to get it under control when it spirals. But there’s one very important thing we need to remind ourselves of: Fever is a sign of the body protecting itself. It is both a symptom – and a tool. It is not the sickness itself.


Home Cough Remedies

A cough is a way of cleaning the airways of any undesired element – be it that bit of rice that went down the wrong way, or mucus from the latest bout of common cold. It is inevitable and highly useful. So our goal isn’t to kill off cough. We want to help dissolve the mucus so our coughing can be efficient during the day, and soothe the respiratory tract in the evening so we can get a bit of relatively cough-free sleep for even speedier recovery.


How To Get Over Someone

Losing a relationship shakes a great part of our universe. It hurts, and it will take its time. Just like we wouldn’t expect a deep cut in the flesh to heal overnight, so we will most probably battle for a while with the this emotional one. Sometimes we’ll bump the slowly healing wound on various reminders that will set off the pain again. But a little less each time. And there are things to help you through, and there’s even a possible silver lining

impressing a girl

How to Impress a Girl

Because finding a partner is such an extremely important part of most of our lives, and because it is sometimes surprisingly hard to do so, this subject has become incredibly hyper, obsessed about, discussed almost to the point of mysticism. If you’ve been playing the field single for a while – against your own inclination – you may start to think that you need some special mojo or tricks or whatever, to land a suitable partner. That’s a trap.

Human Lymphatic System

How to Get Your Lymphatic System Moving

It is clear it’s in our best interest to keep the lymphatic system in excellent shape. And while it is still being researched and new information keeps coming up, there are many things you can easily do to support this key champion of your health.


How to Boost Your Immune System

Your body has an amazing defense system which protects you against the onslaught of a multitude of bacteria, viruses and spores every day. If it’s truly healthy and you are unstressed, it generally handles whatever comes…


McDonald’s – Are the Rumors True?

For some reason, McDonald’s have been elected the ultimate supervillain on the food scene. When you say “(evil) fast food”, most people will think of McDonald’s. From ridiculous circulating articles claiming McDonald’s have genetically engineered a…


Ways and Tips to Save Money

Saving money, whatever is your motivation, essentially means having your life more under control. Whether you’re reaching a dream or planning to buy something necessary, trying to stay within your means or pulling yourself out of debt, or whether you’re simply tired of wasting money and believe you can make up far better uses for it, check out our general recommendations as well as category-specific tips on how to get your money under control and doing your bidding, rather than wondering a week before pay day what on Earth happenned.


How to Teach Kids to Brush Their Teeth Correctly

Children aren’t too keen on brushing their teeth, but when they have to, they love doing it alone. When can you trust them to do it correctly? And how to teach them the proper technique? What is a good toothbrush for a child? What toothpaste? And should a child already floss? Enjoy a few tips and answers to these questions every parent asks themselves, and may your dental appointments be happy moments of praise and pride.


How to Keep Your Kids Happy on Long Journeys

Long road trips can be very funny! If you want your kids to remember the excitement and laughter on the way rather than the squashed butts, cricked necks and endless tedium, take a look at some general recommendations and ideas for games and fun activities we’ve prepared for your next trip. Have a good one!


20 Ideas on How to Save Time in Everyday Life

It is so much fun to waste time. But too often, we waste it without even realizing we’ve been wasting it. We chase after deadlines, rush our meals, cut family time… Here are a few ideas to help you become more in control of your 24 hours, and consequently your life – and to get more time to use or waste as you truly see fit.


29 Awesome Fun Date Ideas

Dating is a dreaded activity by many, but what a date really is, is a nice way for both parties to get to know each other. To see if you like spending time together. To see if there is a possibility that you are compatible. You could say it is a job interview of sorts, though hopefully much more pleasant. And, with our suggestions, also considerably more fun!


How to Tame Dry Skin – From Within

Dry skin troubles many people and fills many a supermarket aisle with tons of skin products. But could the solution – or at least a great help – lie in nutrition? Find out what you might be missing and how to get it back, what to combine and what not, plus a few good habits that will help.


What Is the Best Oil for Frying

We all want to be healthy, but who doesn’t enjoy a nice fried pancake, or fried cheese or some other sample of the host of yummy irresistables – which are unfortunately labeled as bad for you? Good or bad news is, that some of the unhealthy aspects of fried food comes from using the wrong oil, improper storage or overuse. Come find the best oil for your kitchen and palate and find out more.

Healthy Teeth

How to Have Healthier Teeth

Brush, floss, don’t use too many swear words. No news there. But still, how come somebody barely brushes once a day, if that, and has a lovely set of fangs – while somebody who brushes religiously after every meal still dreads every visit to the dentist?

Resist smoking

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a very tough and complex addiction, but quitting it is well worth it and you may be surprised to find that there are methods which help considerably. Whether you’re simply vaguely thinking about it or already seriously looking for methods and clues, you will find some good answers here. We only focused on drug-free methods.

Sleep well - Getting rid of Sleeping problems

Natural Solutions for Sleeping Problems

Lying in the night counting sheep – or hours of sleep you’d still get if you fell asleep this very minute – can be extremely nerve-wracking. Here you can find several good, drug-free suggestions to help you sleep, both on the immediate and long-term level. Sweet dreams.


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